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The first place in our all-year CW survey of the biggest IT companies in the Czech Republic has been won by TH system due to i...

The first place in our all-year CW survey of the biggest IT companies in the
Czech Republic has been won by TH system due to its annual revenue increase of
987 million Kč (with the total revenue 3 947 million Kč).
The second position is held by the Czech branch of the global company,
Hewlett-Packard, which was at the top position last year. The third position of
Siemens is no surprise the Czech local branch of this German concern belongs to
the fixed stars of our IT heaven. It is necessary to mention that after the
reorganisation that has completely changed the whole structure of Siemens, the
resulting revenue of the Czech branch is the sum of results of former Siemens
Nixdorf, Siemens Communication Systems and of the part of Siemens
After two-year-long decrease of revenue, PVT (4th position) has achieved in
1998 again a healthy growth. The revenue of the fifth company within the Top
100 the computer hardware distributor ProCa has kept over the level of 1
billion Kč. The increased turnover exceeding 100 million Kč indicates that even
under present complicated conditions the company understands the needs of its
customers. However, still higher increase of turnover (+370 million Kč) has
been recorded by another distributor within the first ten Levi International
(6th position).
Only the last-year split of AutoCont into two independent companies (AutoCont 1
325 mil. Kč, AT Computers 1 306 mil. Kč, 7th + 8th positions) moved this Czech
brand manufacturer, distributor and reseller from its position among the
leading five within our Top 100. It will be interesting to follow, how these
companies will evolve during this year.
The ninth position is again held by the distributor A&A, apart from TH system,
another offspring of the international distribution colossus CHS Electronics.
Quite in accordance with this-year trends, the 10th and 11th positions are held
again by the distributors of computers, namely Libra Electronics and Konsigna.
If we compare the results of companies participating both in 1998 and in 1997,
it is evident, that the best result was achieved by Intentia with 129% increase
in revenue. An increase exceeding 100 % has been recorded also by DNS (+103%).
If we look at the following positions, we should mention at least following
companies: Eprint (+92,5 %), Abakus Distribution (+84,7 %), Armor (+82,6 %),
CESNET (+72,5 %), JBA (+64,2 %), Speedware (+62,2 %) and Merz (+61,5 %). An
annual increase exceeding 50 % has been also recorded by Logica (+58 %) and
Andersen Consulting (+53 %).
If we aim at the performance of individual companies (calculated as
revenue/number of employees between 1996 and 1998), then the unambiguous winner
is CHI Peripherals. This distributor achieved in 1998 with 5 employees a
turnover amounting to 168 mil. Kč, which represents an increase in performance
equal almost to 300 %. The second position is held by CESNET company (+177 %),
the third is MHM Computers (+134 %).
It is necessary to mention, at least briefly, the changes that took place
during the last year among the IT companies in the Czech Republic. Logica
Company, due to its December (1998) acquisition of FCC Folprecht system
integrator presents within Top 100 joint turnover of both companies. The
changes within Siemens have been already mentioned. APP Group nominated into
the contest this year its local division, APP Czech. The results of debis IT
Services Czech can be partly attributed to a part of Oaza, the acquisition of
which took also place last year. An opposite approach is represented by
companies Benefitt and Diatryma that are represented within Top 100
independently despite the fact that they are today due to their strategic
partnership one single company.
However, we are sorry to say that the results of our Top 100 cannot reflect
actual structure of our IT market. There are too many important brands missing
among the participating companies. We cannot be charged to deny them
opportunity. Nevertheless, an ever increasing number of branch offices of the
global companies respond to our queries asking for economic results in the
Czech Republic with the polite, however rigid attitude: "We do not provide
local results." The traditional "secretors" like Compaq, Dell, ICL, Progress
Software and, since the last year also IBM, were joined in this year by
Microsoft and Unisys.
At the conclusion we would like to thank those who were not afraid to take the
risk and publish their results. Taking into consideration present economic
situation in this country, nobody could be surprised that the turnover of some
companies is increasing only slightly or is even decreasing. Despite this fact
we dare to state that the IT field belongs to the healthiest within the whole
Czech economy. The conditions found here are in many respects comparable to the
rest of developed world.
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