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Just as in previous years, we are bringing to you the list of TOP 100 Information Technology companies representing one of the...

Just as in previous years, we are bringing to you the list of TOP 100
Information Technology companies representing one of the most comprehensive
pictures of the way the companies resident in the Czech Republic are faring in
the realm of Information Technologies. The list of the companies considered has
been extended by the companies active in the field of telecommunications this
year. This step should not be very surprising in view of the circumstance that
the telecommunications and information technologies have been gradually merging
into a single whole.
The top rank has been assumed after a one-years pause by the Hewlett-Packard
Company again. Siemens advanced one step up to the second rung. The same
applies to the currently third company PVT moved up from the fourth place it
had finished at last year. The fourth company on our ladder the distributor
Expert&Partner has appeared in our list for the first time ever. ProCa Company
has successfully defended its last years position remaining on the fifth rung
this year again. The aggregated annual sales of the first five companies have
gone up as well. The current figure is 14.406 billion Kč as opposed to 11.205
billion recorded in the last year.
If we wish to know where the lucrative profits can be materialized in our
national economy, it suffices to have a look at the ladder of the top
telecommu-nication operators. Even neglecting the mammoth turnover generated by
the Czech Telecom monopoly, the remaining amount still remains quite
impressive. Though the order in which the companies finished in this ranking is
not very surprising (Telecom, EuroTel, RadioMobil and Aliatel), the interesting
aspect of this segment is the as yet untapped potential of this branch of
industry. It can be expected that next year the ladder will be further enriched
by several newcomers we certainly expect the GTS Company that came into
existence by a merger of three smaller companies at the beginning of this year
to join the pack and we may also see some interesting results recorded by
another newcomer to our market the UUNET Company. We have included the
Contactel Company into our list even not having any data on their annual sales
at our disposal because this corporation was founded only during the monitored
year 1999. Nevertheless, this company, being the representative of the
so-called alternative operators should not be omitted from our list.
Efficiency and Annual Growth
When evaluating the relative success of individual companies the absolute
numbers like annual sales and other data of this kind are certainly not good
enough to paint a realistic picture of the scene. Thus, we have to have a look
at some other criteria to make the analysis more reliable. The productivity
(sales per employee) and annual growth of sales offer themselves as suitable
data for this purpose. In terms of productivity, the leading company is LEVI
International that managed to materialize the annual sales of 1.87 billion Kč
with mere 46 employees. The AVNET Co. has finished in the second place (150
million Kč per four employees) followed by CHI Peripherals (173 per 5),
Expert&Partner (2,200 per 73), VIKO Plzeň (295 per 11 and OKI Systems (155 per
6). With the exception of OKI Company (laser printers and fax machines), all
other leading companies are distributors. The next following non-distributor
company in this ladder is Hewlett-Packard Co. occupying the eighth rung.
The largest annual sales growth has been achieved by the Actebis Corporation
(1,343%). However, this result is distorted by the circumstance that the
company in question was founded on October 1, 1998 and thus the base to which
the results of 1999 are referred to is not entirely realistic. Nevertheless, if
the necessary corrections were taken into account the company would still
remain at the top of the ladder because the corrected figure of the annual
sales rate of growth is 260%. The following companies are Plaut Consulting,
GEDOS Synergie, soft-tronik and SWS. These results are interesting because the
two companies, namely Plaut and Gedos happen to be the service providers and
system integrators focusing themselves on ERP Systems SAP R/3 implementation
and they managed to penetrate the excusive ranking of the distributor companies
Actebis, soft-tronik and SWS.
There is much more what can be concluded from the list but unfortunately there
is not enough space available in this publication to mention more then the
above brief comments. If you are interested in more details, facts and figures,
please visit our Internet pages at address.
It is the Review, not a Race
We would like to point out at the junction that we seek neither a victor nor
the defeated ones among the rungs of our traditional ladder. It is not a race
our editorial board tries to create the platform for presenting the economic
results of the companies that are active on the ITC (information technologies
and communications) market in this country. Due to a large variety of
activities of the companies included into our list, it is often rather
difficult to compare their results in a realistic manner. The exception to this
rule may exist perhaps only when comparing the economic results of large
distributors or system integrators. Our primary objective is to capture
structures of the companies active in the area of our interest. However, it
happens to be the annual sales figures that illustrate the best way how the
individual companies have been faring despite the obvious disadvantages of this
simple criterion.
We hope that our bi-lingual publication would become an interesting source of
information for both the domestic and foreign investors. The categories used to
characterize the activities of the companies in question are selected in such a
way as to correspond to the standards of our sister company IDC.
In conclusion, we wish to express our sincere thanks to all companies that took
part in this years event and we are looking forward to the next years
occasion. We hope to bring you even more coherent picture of the Czech IT
market next year.
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