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World Wide Web Consortium žádá o připomínky k HTML5 | 28.05.2011

Kvůli snaze získat zpětnou vazbu, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) chce získat rozsáhlé ohlasy na HTML5 a pět souvisejících specifikací, které představují W3C Open Web Platform.


W3C konsorcium potvrdilo termín dokončení standardu HTML5 | 15.02.2011

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) konečně zveřejnilo termín, kdy bude dokončen vývoj nové revize jazyka HTML5.


On Policies | 01.11.2006

What is the right approach to setting data management policies? The first step is to understand that there is a really a hiera...


Devices love Linux | 01.11.2006

Developers in the open source community often begin tinkering with technology as soon as it\s released. The code they produce ...


Belgium adopts a new format | 01.09.2006

Belgium may become the first national government to mandate the use of the Open Document Format (ODF), with a full-scale trial...


English page | 01.04.2006

Myth of Web 2.0 By Gary Beach, CIO (US) All the talk these days is about Web 2.0 and the ways business will be able to levera...


Australian Internet industry rejects Labor plan | 01.04.2006

SYDNEY (21. 3. 2006) The Internet industry in Australia has rejected a plan announced Tuesday by the Labor opposition to block...


Protect your job from offshoring | 01.03.2006

As more and more IT functions are moved "offshore" to developing countries, there are still ways for IT workers in developed c...


Evaluation of Company Trademarks in the Area of Information Technologies | 01.05.2000

The Markent Company conducted a research project at the beginning of this year aimed at analysis of the trademarks used by the...


Jak vidíte uplynulý rok 1999? | 01.05.2000

of the year 1999? Dagmar Ruščáková V tradiční anketě jsme se tentokrát ptali velmi jednoduše zajímalo nás, jak p