3PARCloud Agile Service providers – Finding a Cloud for the enterprise

In this solution profile, we will take a look at what delivering enterprise-quality cloud computing requires, and turn to look at how one leading cloud infrastructure provider – 3PAR – is helping its service provider partners achieve and brand best-in-class infrastructure capabilities through its Cloud-Agile program.

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3PAR Utility Storage Pays Off Big For Travel Giant Priceline.com

Priceline.com is the leading travel service for value-conscious leisure travelers. To challenge massive corporate growth and evolving business goals, Priceline.com needed a highly available and responsive storefront supported by a flexible backend processing environment offering higher storage utilization rates and lower TCO.
Priceline.com purchased and deployed six 3PAR InServ S400 tiered storage arrays across multiple locations to consolidate and protect all mission-critical and SAN-resident data, including core demand collection and offer processing Oracle® databases.

3PAR Thin Provisioning: Eliminating Allocated but Unused Storage and Accelerating ROI

This white paper discusses the problem of allocated, but unused, storage—the storage that has already been assigned to applications and file systems, but has not actually be written to. It also considers the high tax organizations pay to provision storage in typical environments. 3PAR Thin Provisioning is then explained and proposed as an alternative to both of these issues. The result is a dramatic reduction in capital and operating expense, and much greater cost control relative to project outcome. Return on application investment is also accelerated because IT can quickly deploy new applications without the delays associated with traditional provisioning. In addition to the business benefits of this alternative, attention is given to how 3PAR Thin Provisioning works within the context of the 3PAR InForm Operating System.

3PAR Thin Technologies Brief

Widely known as a thin storage pioneer, 3PAR® is not just a leader in thin provisioning but in overall storage efficiency—including minimizing power consumption, reducing administration time, and promoting environmental responsibility. Now 3PAR has delivered the next generation of thin technologies—Thin3—which can save you up to 60% on the cost of a technology refresh then help keep your storage costs as low as possible. By enabling you to slash your capacity needs and keep them low on an ongoing basis, 3PAR not only reduces your up-front costs, but saves you money on housing, powering, and cooling your storage.

3PAR Cloud-Agile Program Case Study: Freudenberg's Hosting Transforms IT From Cost Center to Profit Center

Freudenberg IT hasn’t always been satisfied with the performance and efficiency of its own storage environment. As a result, they decided to replace one of the two traditional storage vendors that had previously supplied storage for its datacenters in Germany, China, and the US. Citing performance issues and poor reliability as the major reasons for this decision, FIT sought a new storage platform that would offer greater performance, reliability, and improved scalability while making storage management simpler and more efficient.
The 3PAR® InServ® E200 Storage Server was the perfect solution for FIT’s requirements for more performance, reliability, scalability, and efficiency and fit the company’s overall strategy of using and developing innovative technologies. The 3PAR InServ Storage Server is a highly virtualized, modular tiered-storage array that combines massive scalability, performance, and connectivity within a single system. Capacity can be added at any time—simply and seamlessly—and the 3PAR InForm® Operating System makes management effortless and efficient. The InServ E200 delivers the unmatched simplicity and efficiency of 3PAR Utility Storage in a streamlined architecture that is perfect for deployment in medium-sized companies.

Analyst Report: Thin Provisioning Storage Strategies

When you consider implementing thin provisioning for storage, it’s not as easy as simply checking a box on an RFP, it’s more than that as 3PAR's InServ storage system and the newest release of its InForm operating system have proven. For 3PAR, thin provisioning is the ability -- without administrative overhead -- to allocate virtual volumes once -- and autonomically consume physical capacity for written data. It lets IT administrators meet capacity requirements, support multiple service levels and drive efficiencies in the data center.
Traditionally, provisioning refers to the ability to pre-allocate blocks of data to applications, with the result being that capacity remains locked up and unused when data is not written to the volume. By contrast, 3PAR’s thin provisioning allows over-allocation of disk capacity as blocks of data are released as capacity is required.
3PAR’s thin provisioning strategy has been expanded with the introduction of next generation thin technologies: Thin Conversion, Thin Persistence, Thin Copy reclamation and Thin Reclamation for Symantec’s Veritas Storage Foundation. This report discusses each of them in detail.

Careerbuilder Positioned for Global Expansion Thanks to 3PAR Utility Storage

Global expansion plans combined with organic growth and an increasing number of job seekers were posing a serious problem for the traditional storage infrastructure underpinning CareerBuilder’s operations.
After evaluating several major vendors, CareerBuilder identified 3PAR as the only one meeting its stringent performance, scalability, and flexibility demands while offering the lowest total cost of ownership. CareerBuilder also liked 3PAR’s direct support model, which puts their engineers directly in touch with 3PAR engineers from the start, not just in a crisis situation.

Increase Storage Efficiency of Allocated-but-Unused Storage Capacity with Thin Provisioning: Maximize utilization while eliminating complexity, risk and manual intervention

There is much attention being paid to primary storage optimization, compression, deduplication and archiving, but none of the techniques will work on one of the biggest consumers of primary storage: allocated but unused storage. Thin provisioning is designed to allocate physically capacity only as an application needs it - when it writes. It eliminates the complexity and risk of dynamically expanding storage and the amount of manual intervention required to make it work.

Taneja Group Report: 3PAR Thin Copy Desktop: A VDI Optimized Storage Solution

The advent of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) holds great promise in corporate, government, and service provider environments. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, such as VMware VDI, enables end users or their hosting providers to provision and manage hundreds of individual, virtual desktops from a set of centrally administered, consolidated servers. This approach delivers a number of potential benefits, including lower administrative and maintenance costs, higher levels of security, and increased user mobility and flexibility.
Corporate and government entities are increasingly deploying VDI, and a number of organizations are now seriously evaluating the technology. While the foundational computing and networking technologies are now in place to support virtual desktop infrastructures, the performance and provisioning of storage remains a major challenge to deploying an effective VDI.
To overcome these issues, 3PAR has introduced Thin Copy Desktop for VMware VDI, a storage solution designed for virtualized desktop infrastructures. This offering meets all the requirements for a VDI Optimized Storage solution, which we have outlined in this document. 3PAR Thin Copy Desktop significantly decreases physical disk space requirements for virtual desktop images and enables the rapid, simultaneous booting of hundreds-or even thousands-of virtual machines (VMs). The solution greatly streamlines the provisioning of new or upgraded desktops, while reducing the cost and complexity of backup and recovery. By addressing the capacity and performance issues that hamper traditional storage approaches in VDI environments, the 3PAR solution helps virtual desktop infrastructures to achieve their true potential in medium to large corporate, government and service provider entities.

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